Episode #2: Signs on Business Property, Campus-Carry & 2016 Elections

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In this Episode:

  • 30.06 & 30.07 Signs on Business Property;
  • Campus-Carry & Professors;
  • 2016 National Elections & the NRA Institute for Legislative Action;
  • Installment:  The History of Concealed-Carry in Texas.

 In The Crosshairs:

  I discuss the posting of signs on business property that will prohibit open-carry, concealed-carry, or both.  Included is the potential impact on business revenue and the potential to increase the risk of criminal attacks. Also covered are the new crime statistics released by the DPS for 2014 and the increasingly excellent track record posted by Licensees.

Documents Cited in this Episode's In The Crosshairs Segment:

 In the News:

Campus-carry goes into effect on Aug. 1st, 2016 for four your colleges and Aug. 1st, 2017 for junior colleges.  Thus episode covers the scope of authority granted to public and private schools and the procedures each must follow.  Also discussed is the extreme parnoia and dishonesty of some college professors.  

History of CHL in Texas:

We cover the 1994 election of George W. Bush as Governor of Texas, anti-gun efforts to kill concealed-carry, and the passage of SB60 during the 1995 legislative session establishing concealed-carry in Texas.

Concealed-Carry Bills & Documents Cited in this Episode's History of CHL in Texas:

Your NRA:

2016 national elections and the importance of the NRA/ILA.

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