Funding TFC

logo-a5 180x105The Texas Firearms Coalition is part of The Cotton Group, L.L.C. (TCG) and it receives part of its funding from TCG.  However, donations by generous Texas gun owners are a primary source of support for TFC and we need your help too.  Whether you want to make a one-time donation, or automatic donations, your support is sincerely appreciated. 

There is no required fee to join TFC.  Getting all Texas gun owners involved in supporting Second Amendment rights is too important to let a membership fee be a stumbling block.  The more people who receive our emails and eNewsletters and respond to our calls-to-action, the better chance we have of not only preserving the gun rights we enjoy today, but expanding those rights to encompass what our founding fathers envisioned when the drafted the Second Amendment.

Supporting monthly donations to TFC

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NOTE:  Donations to the Texas Firearms Coalition are NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE.