Episode #11 - Respect & Empower the Most Law-Abiding of Texans

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 In this Episode:

In The Crosshairs:

In this episode I will be discussing the need to remove unnecessary and potentially dangerous restrictions on the most law-abiding of Texans – i.e. those with a Texas CHL or LTC.  Also covered is how this change will thwart attempts by dishonest local officials to violate Texas law.

Documents Cited in this Episode's In The Crosshairs Segment:

In the News: 

Texas Attorney General sends warning letters to governmental entities.

History of CHL/LTC in Texas:

In the final ainstallment of the History of Conceale-Carry in Texas, we will look at several bills passed in the 2015 Texas Legislative Session.  Three bills directly impacted CHL or LTCs, and one indirectly impacts these folks.

Concealed-Carry Bills & Documents Cited in this Episode's History of CHL in Texas - 2013 Tex. Leg. Session:

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