Episode #4 - Community Outreach, Presidential Primaries and More

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 In this Episode:

 In The Crosshairs:

 In this episode I discuss the creation of the Texas Firearms Coalition Community Outreach Program.  The Program will recruit firearms instructors, shooting ranges and clubs and industry participants to

 In the News:

 Presidential primaries are in full swing and full of surprises.  Will Trump be the Republican candidate?  How about Ted Cruz?  Will Jeb Bush pull an end run?  One thing is for sure, all Democrats are avowed anti-gunners.

2016 Presidential Primary Schedule

History of CHL in Texas:

During the 2001 Texas Legislative Session, there was just one bill directly related to concealed-carry.  It appeared to be rather insignificant on its face, but it had a huge impact on how concealed-carry was viewed by the public,  the legislature and political activists.

Concealed-Carry Bills & Documents Cited in this Episode's History of CHL in Texas:

Women & Guns:

Teaching women how to shoot must be approached differently than teaching men.  Women are often better shooters than men, but they can be easily discoraged if the instructor doesn't teach the way they learn.

Upcoming Events: