Episode #3 - LTC Track Record, NRA Board Elections and More

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 In this Episode:

 In The Crosshairs:

 In this episode I discuss the excellent 20-year track record garnered by Texans who hold a license to carry a handgun.  Also covered is the transition of concept of citizens carrying self-defense handguns from a "radical social experiement" to a non-issue.

Documents Cited in this Episode's In The Crosshairs Segment:

 In the News:

 The 2016 NRA Board election has an unusually large number of potential candidates on the ballot.  Learn how  the nominating process works and hear my endorsements for two of the thirty-nine candidates.

History of CHL in Texas:

 The 1997 Texas Legislative Session is the focus of this installment of the History of concealed-carry in Texas.  On Bill, HB2909, made a huge impact on Texas CHLs in both obvious and more subtle ways.  This Bill likely saved the Texas concealed-carry program from the ravages of anit-gun lies and fear-mongering.

Concealed-Carry Bills & Documents Cited in this Episode's History of CHL in Texas:

Your NRA:

 The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund has had a huge impact in  terms of defending Americans' Second Amendment rights, but its efforts are largely unknown to gun owners.  In this episode, I discuss the CRDF foundation, mission and practices.

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