Episode #1 - Open Carry, Virginia, NRA and More

SAMPLE TFC Podcast Cover Full Flag Illustration v1aThis is the first episode for the Texas Firearms Coalition Podcast.  The goal is to produce podcasts that are between 45 minutes to an hour long, as that time frame seems to be preferred by most podcast listeners, and to publish one every Friday.  During Texas Legislative Sessions, TFC Short Shots podcasts will be published when warranted by activity on firearms and self-defense related bills.

 In this Episode:

In The Crosshairs:

  I discuss the history of the open-carry issue including calls for a change in Texas law through its final passage in the 84th Legislature's 2015 legislative session.  Listeners are referred to an article here on the TexasFirearmsCoalition.com website titled The History of Open-Carry Efforts in Texas for more information with links to supporting documents and information.  The discussion covers the period from the beginning of open-carry discussions on the Internet, through passage of HB910 in the 2015 Texas Legislative Session.

Open-Carry Bills & Documents Cited in this Episode's In The Crosshairs Segment:

 In the News:

The Governor of Virginia and its Attorney General announced Virginia was going to revoke concealed-carry reciprocity agreements with twenty-five states.  The Governor backtracked after pressure from Republicans in  the Virginia legislature.

History of CHL in Texas:

Concealed-Carry Bills & Documents Cited in this Episode's History of CHL in Texas:

Your NRA:

NRA America's Rifle Challenge (ARC) and America's Rifle Match (ARM).

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