Two things get the attention of legislators whether in Austin or Washington -- money and votes and money primarily because it can be used to get votes.  One of the reasons the National Rifle Association has been so successful in defending the Second Amendment is because it can get people to the polls on election day.  Another reason is because dedicated gun owners answer the call-to-action when the NRA asks its members to contact their legislators about pending legislation or issues.  The Texas Firearms Coalition (TFC) is going to do the same.

Generally speaking, there are two types of calls-to-action that are given during a legislative session.  One is a "general call" that asks all supporters to contact their respective legislators and either support or oppose a particular bill.  Another type of "call" is district specific where the request is made for members living in a particular Senate or House district to contact their Senator, Representative, or both.  Although TFC doesn't require Members to provide this information, we ask that you do so by using the "Who Represents Me?" link to find out who represents you in the Texas Senate, Texas House and U.S. House of Representatives and include it in your Membership registration.  If you are already a member and didn't have that information when you joined, just email it to us.

By providing TFC information about your legislators, you are making it possible for us to more effeciently represent and promote the interest of Texas gun owners. 

Thanks for your support,
Charles L. Cotton
TFC President

Mission Statement

The mission of Texas Firearms Coalition (TFC) can be summed up in two words: Education, and Advocacy.  The educational goal is to provide seminars and other training opportunities to Member and non-members in the form of live seminars, podcasts and webinars. The subjects covered will expand as requests are received to add additional subject matter that comes within the scope of the overall TFC mission.

TFC advocacy is broad based and includes everything from public appearances, interviews on radio, television and newspapers, and legislative efforts of interest to Texas gun owners. TFC President Charles L. Cotton is a Member of the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association and he is frequently interviewed concerning firearms-related matters, especially when an event makes the headline news. His evaluation and response to these incidents is a key element in advocating on behalf of law-abiding, responsible gun owners.

Charles also has over thirty-five years experience writing and evaluating proposed legislation in the Texas Legislature.  He has written all or significant parts of most firearms related bills introduced and/or passed in the Texas Legislature since 1993.  This experience is invaluable to Texas gun owners both in terms of accomplishing goals that further the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and in preventing unintended consequences of otherwise well-intended bills.