Why Texas, Why Now?

The NRA is the largest, strongest and most effective civil rights organization in the United States.  It has defended the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners in Washington, in every state capitol, in the United Nations and even in the flood-ravaged streets of New Orleans when honest, law-abiding Hurricane Katrina victims where systematically disarmed on a politician's whim.  The NRA is also the largest and most respected firearms training and education organization in the country.  More law enforcement personnel and civilians are trained by the NRA and its Certified Instructors than all other students combined.  The NRA is also the world leader in firearm safety training for children and youth, with the NRA's Eddie Eagle Program and the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course setting the "gold standard" for safety programs.  The NRA has done all this on a budget that is dwarfed by the financial support provided to the anti-gun cause and organizations by multi-billionaires and their foundations from the U.S. and abroad. 

So how does the NRA do it?  We,  the members, are the key to our success.  The fact that the NRA has millions of members and has the loyalty of many tens of millions of non-member gun owners is a fact well known in Washington and in state capitols.  So while money is a key element in the NRA's success, it is still the membership that makes us the most effective civil rights organization the world has ever known.  

Why Now?

The Second Amendment is under attack like never before in our nation's history.  The combined financial forces of Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Hollywood moguls and virtually every liberal, anti-gun organization like MoveOn.org will be spending well over $1 billion in an attempt to pass sweeping gun control bills that will gut the Second Amendment.  Every major media outlet and the big three television networks have coordinated with the Obama-Bloomgerg Coalition to brainwash Americans into believing firearms are inherently evil and that no normal person would dare own, much less use or carry a firearm.  The willingness of the anti-gun movement to dance in the blood of the innocent victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School is disgusting but not surprising.  Their goal is to pray on American's emotions and destroy our right to own and use firearms for sporting purposes or self-defense.  Only the NRA can stop this attack.  As noted in the article The Great Cultural Way on American Freedom, the battle to save the Second Amendment is a long term battle, a marathon rather than a sprint.  To win, the NRA must grow to 40 million members or more to offset the billions of dollars that are going to be spent trying to convince Americans that the time for owning firearms has passed.

Why Texas?

There are approximately 250,000 NRA members in Texas. Many Texans are surprised to learn that our great State is actually third in terms of NRA membership nationwide.  From time to time, many of us have commented that if every NRA member recruited just one more member, the NRA would double in size. Well, Project One Million: Texas is only asking you to get four new members. I know, I know, but this is Texas and we do everything bigger and better here.  Seriously, this is obviously a very ambitious undertaking and it will not be easy to increase Texas NRA membership fourfold in a matter of months, but it is certainly doable. All of the elements of a successful campaign are present.  Texas sells over 1 million hunting licenses every year. Every one of those licensees should be a member of the NRA. There are no accurate figures for the number of Texans who own guns, but they must number in the millions. All of these people are candidates for membership. Even NRA members have family who have not joined the organization so our recruiting can begin at home! If we can accomplish the goal of 1 million Texas NRA members, then our achievement will serve as a challenge to other states and we can see the NRA with 40, 50 or perhaps even 80 million members! With membership at that level, no one will dare to attack our Second Amendment rights, either in Washington or Austin.  Remember, current estimates place gun ownership at 80 to 90 million Americans and experts know this estimate drastically understates the number of American gun owners who have serious reservations about disclosing their status due to privacy concerns.

Please join us in this effort and spread the word: Support Project One Million: Texas!  Join NRA today.