Episode #3: CHL/LTC Track Record, NRA Board and More

In this Episode:

In The Crosshairs:

  I discuss the incredible track record garnered by Texas Concealed Handgun Licensees over the last two decades.  We consider the use of this information by businesses, the legislature and citizens making decisions about allowing or prohibiting licensees from entering their property with self-defense handguns.

Open-Carry Bills & Documents Cited in this Episode's In The Crosshairs Segment:

 In the News:

The 2016 NRA Board of Directors Election is underway.  This episode includes includes background information on two of the thirty-nine candidates and an endorsement.

History of CHL in Texas:

I focus on the significant changes made to the Texas concealed handgun statute with the passage of HB2909.

Concealed-Carry Bills & Documents Cited in this Episode's History of CHL in Texas:

Your NRA:

The mission and operation of the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund (CRDF).

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