30.06 Notices & Complaints Filed

 Facility  Address Notice  Removed? AG Complaint  Resolution  Comments
Deer Park Community Center    610 E. St. Augustine, Deer Park, TX  77536    10/14/15    No 10/21/15    
Fort Worth Zoo 1000 Throckmorton, Fort Worth TX  76102 10/1/15 No 10/7/15    
Pasadena Convention Center 7902 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, TX  77502 09/7/15 No 10/5/15   Gun show
Addison Circle Park 901 Main St., Addison, TX  75202 09/20/15 No      
Eglin ISD Administration Bldg. 1002 N. Ave. C., Elgin, TX  78601  10/26/15  No  10/30/15    

30.06 Forms

The following forms can be used to provide pre-complaint notice to governmental agencies and/or entities that post unlawful Tex. Penal Code §30.06 signs or otherwise unlawfully provide notice pursuant to §30.06.  These forms are not specifically required by statute, but they will provide an efficient way to meet all statutorily-required steps to file a formal complaint.

It is requested that you submit the TFC 30.06 Complaint Form along with attachments for any pre-complaint notice or formal AG complaint you file.  This data will prove helpful in future legislative sessions and in lawsuits.  Please do not upload your pre-complaint notice and the formal AG complaint separately as this will make it much harder to track results.  Wait to upload documents until the offending agency/entity removes the sign during the three-day notice period, or you file a formal complaint with the AG's Office.


30.06 Affidavit
Notice of 411.209 Violation (to offending agency or entity)
Formal Complaint to AG