What Every Teenager Needs to Know About Texas Self-Defense Laws

As the name implies, this seminar is geared toward teenagers who typically do not begin to understand when Texas law authorizes a person to use force to defend themselves and others.  Unlike the seminar designed for adults, this presentation presents the subject in a manner that younger people can relate to their everyday lives at school and dealing with their peer group.

CHL "Fashion Show"

This seminar is a hands-on opportunity to see and try several different methods of carrying a self-defense handgun.  It covers everything from holster or off-body carry options to cover garments.  This seminar also offers tips to help women select a handgun and a carry method that works for them considering their life style and body.

Women's Self-Defense Information Seminar

This Seminar provides an overview of issues related to self-defense including Texas law, training opportunities, selecting a firearm and method of carrying it, secure storage and carry methods when children are present, and a multitude of other questions ladies typically have when it comes to making such an important decision.  As noted, this is an overview of these subjects, not an in-depth study.  In short, the Seminar is designed to show people what they need to learn and how to go about it. 



Texas Self-Defense & Deadly Force Laws

The Texas Firearms Coalition's Texas Self-Defense & Deadly Force Laws covers Texas law on the use of force, including deadly force, in self-defense, defense of third persons, and defense of property.  The seminar discusses both Texas law as well as real-world application.